Aprilaire Home Thermostats

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Home Thermostats – Aprilaire

Convenient, easy to use, digital accuracy. There’s no longer a reason to use a mechanical thermostat.


     Models 8444/8446/8448 Thermostats

    Get all the benefits of bringing your heating and cooling system into the digital age.Aprilaire Models 8444, 8446 and 8448 Non-Programmable Thermostats are mercury-free and provide pinpoint accuracy and control for ultimate comfort. If you don’t need a programmable thermostat, but desire the features of an electronic over a mechanical thermostat, then this type is the best choice for your home. Aprilaire Non-Programmable Thermostats contain compact computers providing outstanding energy efficiency and, depending on which model you choose, can work with single or multi-stage, heat pump and hydronic systems. Ask your dealer which model is right for your system.


    Features & Benefits

    The Aprilaire 8400 Series Non-Programmable Thermostats are attractive, simple to use and offer:

    • Large LCD Screen with high contrast – for easy reading.
    • Temperature Readout in Fahrenheit or Celsius
    • Outdoor Temperature Reading for convenience and comparison (requires optional outdoor temperature sensor).
    • Circulate Fan Mode means that the fan comes on for 10 minutes every 30 minutes for better indoor air quality plus reduces hot or cold spots within your home.
    • Service Reminder tells you when you should change your air filter to protect your equipment and water panel to keep your humidifier running in optimum condition. It also can remind you to service your equipment or humidifier to insure the longevity of your investment.


    Aprilaire Model 8570 Thermostat

    For homeowner’s that only want the best. Offering an unprecedented level of control, the Aprilaire Model 8570 Programmable Thermostat gives you state-of-the-art control over your home’s heating and cooling system.


    Features & Benefits

    The slim profile, ultra-sleek Aprilaire Model 8570 Thermostat does more than just look great. It offers unsurpassed performance, premium features and benefits and is compatible with virtually all equipment types, from single or multi-stage, to heat pump or hydronic systems.The Aprilaire Model 8570 Thermostat boasts an award-winning design and represents a technological advancement in thermostat convenience and control:

    Simple to operate

    The Aprilaire Model 8570 utilizes consumer-proven features such as menu-driven programming and automatic adjustment for daylight savings time. The 8570 uses plain, easy to understand language with no icons to decipher.

    Easy to read

    Vibrant, soft blue backlighting with a large display allows the 8570 to be viewed at any light level.

    Real energy savings

    The 8570 is Energy Star Rated and offers “setback” programming that minimizes energy consumption while you are sleeping or away from home. The Aprilaire Model 8570 Thermostat adjusts your home’s temperature up to four times a day for any combination of days, or every day individually.

    Friendly programming

    Easily view or change the program schedule on a single screen. You can even program the fan to be “On” or “Automatic” during each event of the program.

    Constant comfort

    After setting back your thermostat at night to save energy, your morning temperature setting is assured at the precise time you wish, through the use of special Progressive Recovery technology. This is accomplished while optimizing your heating and cooling system’s start time for total energy efficiency. For example, if you want to reach a specific temperature in your home by 7 AM, the system will begin operating at just the right amount of time before 7 AM to reach the set temperature.

    Holiday feature

    Allows the 8570 program to be overridden until the date and time you select—whether you’re away for hours, days or weeks.

    Ultimate temperature control

    The Aprilaire Model 8570 Thermostat allows you to control up to four separate areas of your home when connected to an Aprilaire Zoned Comfort Control system.

    Enhanced humidifier performance

    When connected to an Aprilaire Whole-House Humidifier, the Aprilaire Model 8570 Thermostat extends blower operation as needed to satisfy your home’s humidity requirements. By connecting to an outdoor sensor or Automatic Humidifier Control, the 8570 becomes your personal indoor environment center by displaying outdoor temperature, indoor relative humidity and providing you with the ultimate in humidity control.

    Exceptional convenience

    The Aprilaire Model 8570 Thermostat maintains the program and all application settings with its permanent program memory even during power outages of any length. The 8570 will also notify you when you need to change an air filter, service a humidifier, or service your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment. The monitor can also conveniently display your HVAC dealer’s name and phone number if you need assistance.


    Aprilaire Model 8600 Thermostat

    Comfort and control! It is just a touch away. The Aprilaire Model 8600 touch screen thermostat has everything you need but is still simple to use.


    Features & Benefits

    This high contrast easy to read touch screen is not just appealing to the eye. It also offers reliability with precision temperature accuracy, battery back up, convenient service reminders and many other features:

    Exclusive message center

    Provides information and simple, real-language instructions. Makes programming and set up effortless. The 8600 also tells you exactly what your equipment is doing.

    Energy savings

    Set back temperature overnight and when you’re away.

    Bright backlight

    With option for constant low intensity backlight.

    Avoid hot and cold spots

    Circulate fan mode helps to maintain consistent temperature throughout your home and keeps your air cleaner.

    Convenient service reminders

    Keeps your system running at peak efficiency.

    Multiple hold options

    Maximizes comfort and energy savings; vacation hold, custom timed hold, permanent hold and temporary hold.

    Touch screen lockout

    Prevents unauthorized changes.

    Programmable fan

    Pelivers better indoor air quality when combined with an Aprilaire Whole Home Air Cleaner.

    Copy function

    Allows for quicker programming and 7-day programming allows for separate programming for each day.

    Permanent memory

    Programming, time and date are not lost during a power outage.

    As with all Aprilaire products the Aprilaire 8600 is backed by a 5 year warranty!

    For homeowner’s that only want the best and total control. The Aprilaire Home Comfort Control™ goes beyond simple temperature management to include other equally important aspects of indoor air quality. Humidity, purity and freshness – all of these indoor air essentials come into perfect balance with one single, easy-to-operate control.

    Features & Benefits

     Total Control

    A Simple, intuitive control manages all aspects of indoor air comfort throughout your home

    Control Humidity

    Automatically controls your Aprilaire humidification and dehumidification systems and provides confirmation that proper humidification is taking place
    Control Air Purity
    Controls your Aprilaire air cleaning system, allowing you to manage air purity when you need it with Event-Based™
    Air Cleaning and provides easy-to-read confirmation that your air is being cleaned based on your preferences.

    Control Fresh Air

    Controls your Aprilaire ventilation system providing fresh air automatically or when it is needed and confirms when fresh air is being provided

    Control Temperature

    Controls heating and cooling equipments with a simple, programmable temperature control to maintain comfort while saving energy and provides immediate comfort from the cold with the Heat Blast™