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Rheem Power Vent With Electronic Control

Rheem power vent water heaters are designed to heat water in the same way as conventional atmospheric type, but the products of combustion are blown out with a small fan, instead of rising upwards through the pipes. Check out the main features and high-efficiency models.Rheem power vent water heaters are also designed with the PV electronic control, which brings many benefits to its owners.


    PV Electronic Control

    Available hot water display:

    The LCD screen provides a simple three-level bar graph for an at-a-glance indication of how much hot water remains in the tank

    Adjustable set-point:

    The homeowner can adjust the water temperature up or down at the LCD

    Automatic “scald warning”:

    Setting the water temperature above 120°F triggers an alert calling attention to a potential hot-water risk

    Vacation mode option:

    a homeowner can make the adjustment remotely at the LCD device

    Control lockout:

    the user must depress the “up” and “down” temperature buttons for five seconds to unlock the control

    “Service Needed” indicator:

    The user or service technician can display the specific failure codes and quickly identify problems in need of remedy, saving service time and cost.

    Guardian System™

    Air/fuel shut-off system offers double protection
    Maintenance free – no filter to clean

    Flammable Vapor Detection Sensor

    Protective control system that disables the heater in the presence of flammable vapor accumulation
    Flexible Venting Options
    Long venting lengths up to 100 feet
    PVC, ABS, or CPVC vent pipe options
    Vertical or horizontal termination[/lists]


    New Quiet Blower
    Self-Diagnostic System
    Environmentally Friendly Low NOx Burner
    High Altitude Compliant – Tall models are certified for applications up to 7,700 feet and short models up to 6,000 feet
    Self-Cleaning – EverKleen™ patented system fights sediment build-up
    Reduces fuel costs and provides more hot water
    Patented magnesium anode rod design incorporates a special resistor that protects the tank from corrosion for longer lifeStandard 110 volt electrical connection
    Exceeds National Appliance Energy Conservation Act (NAECA) and ASHRAE requirements


    Induced draft with the Guardian FVIR System

    Electronic LCD screen allows for easy displays and settings
    Designed for installation flexibility including vent runs up to 100 feet
    40 and 50 gallon tall and short capacities
    Documents Power Vent with Electronic Control



      Tank Warranty – 6 Years
      Parts Warranty – 6 Years

      *With ProtectionPlus™ the 6-year limited tank warranty becomes 10 years!