Whole-House Air Cleaner with One Touch Control

We offer air cleaner options that won’t break your budget, and with approved financing, won’t drain your bank account either. Whether you are looking to make your home more comfortable or are looking to save on your air conditioning bills, our professional and licensed technicians will happily help you choose a air cleaner that works best for you.

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Air Cleaners – Aprilaire

Aprilaire Model 3210/3310/3410

Clean the air in your home, on your schedule with the 3000 series air cleaners with Event-Based™ air cleaning. There are special day-to-day situations that make the need for air cleaning more urgent. Choose from a variety of settings, including: Constant Clean, Automatic, Event Clean and Allergies.

    Aprilaire Model 3210/3310/3410



    Benefits and Results

    If you have allergies, you need effective whole-house air cleaning. Aprilaire Whole-House Air Cleaning systems provide superior cleaning benefits and proven results:

    • Removes 90% of pollen, mold, airborne dust and other large particles
    • Permanently traps indoor allergens that can lead to respiratory problems
    • Visibility and control allows you to monitor and control the air cleaner function through the home from a single, central location
    • Simple maintenance just replace the filtering media once per year